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Vet Visit: Aug. 17-18, 2018

Vet visit once again:Friday August 17th to Rake n’ Scrape Site in Arthurs Town starting around 11 and going all afternoon. Then, on Saturday the 18th at Old Bight Primary starting early about 8am-2pm.  Call Andrew Seymour: 342-6007 for additional info.

Free Spay and Neutering.


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Open to All: 2016 Dog House Challenge!

Cat Island Humane Society 2016 Dog House Challenge
Open to All: Individuals and Groups
Provide Your Own Materials: Recycle, Pallets, Beach Finds, Dumpster Dive, You Choose
Dog Houses Must meet these requirements:
3-feet by 4-feet and 3-feet-high
Weather Proof
No Lead Paint
Good Ventilation

Deliver yours to Rake n Scrape site

by 1pm on Fun Day February 28th 2017

First 10 Houses that meet the above requirements we will

pay you $200.00 for each one

Dog Houses will be raffled off on Fun Day



Vet visits

September 2014 Vet Visit

Our veterinary clinic originally scheduled for Sept. 19-20, 2014 had to be postponed due to weather and a cancelled flight. The intrepid duo of Dr. Davis and Andrew Seymour successfully persevered the following week.
Four cats and seven dogs were spayed as well as five dogs being neutered. Initial distemper shots were administered to thirty-seven dogs. In two weeks Andrew will be following up with booster vaccinations. We hope to reach many more in the future.
We are very grateful to Dr. Davis and Andrew for the time and effort they spend at these clinics, and to Andrew for all he contributes throughout the year.
Submitted by Jan Kessinger

Vet visits

Vet Visits

MAY 2014
We were able to support the spaying of seven and the neutering of four dogs during Dr. Davis's visit on May 2/3.  He conducted heartworm tests, stitch removal, travel exams and necessary paperwork as well as treating a very badly injured goat with antibiotics, which was all that could be done at this time.
The dogs abandoned at Halvorson  House have all been placed in homes with one even going to the U.S.