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2018 Dog House Project

Open to all individuals and groups. If you can, we ask you to mentor a student.
Provide your own materials – recycled beach finds, scrap wood, new wood, pallets – you choose.

Cat Island Humane Society (CIHS) will pay $200.00 each for the first 10 Dog Houses
To register, contact Danson King at 474-8462.

Criteria for Dog Houses
Cat Island Humane Society (CIHS) Name or Logo should be placed on the side.
Size: 3 feet by 4 feet. And 3 feet high.
Have good ventilation — weather proof – lead-free paint.
Deliver your Dog House to Rake n Scrape site by 1pm on Fun Day, March 31, 2018.

Dog Houses will be raffled-off on-off on Fun Day.

Register with Danson King (474-8462), and the first 10 houses that meet the criteria above will be paid $200.00 for each.

Every Animal Deserves A Dry Home

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Patio / Yard Sale: Saturday May 27th 2017

Patio / Yard Sale

Arthur’s Town Basket Ball Court

Saturday May 27th 2017

Clothes, Household items, Books, Plants and much more.

Souse and drinks for sale

Please come out and support us

Events Fundraising Projects

Dog House Challenge 2017-18 is On

Sign up for the 2017 / 2018 Dog House Challenge

First 10 Applications will be approved:
Get together with the young folk on Cat Island and teach them some skills and enter your kennel (we pay $200.00 per Dog House built to our specifications).
Basic shelter is a need for our animals.
(See posters or see any Executive Member)

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Open to All: 2016 Dog House Challenge!

Cat Island Humane Society 2016 Dog House Challenge
Open to All: Individuals and Groups
Provide Your Own Materials: Recycle, Pallets, Beach Finds, Dumpster Dive, You Choose
Dog Houses Must meet these requirements:
3-feet by 4-feet and 3-feet-high
Weather Proof
No Lead Paint
Good Ventilation

Deliver yours to Rake n Scrape site

by 1pm on Fun Day February 28th 2017

First 10 Houses that meet the above requirements we will

pay you $200.00 for each one

Dog Houses will be raffled off on Fun Day



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Dog House Competition: New Feb. 2016 dates for drawing

Due to problems at both north and south high schools, the Dog House Competition will be postponed until February 15th. A drawing will be held on Feb. 27th at our Annual Fun Day to determine the winners of the houses.

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Coming soon: Dog Shelter

The Executive Board met and finalized the plans for the Cat Island Humane Society’s adoption shelter to be located in Knowles at Andrew Seymour’s home. Necessary materials will be purchased soon. Any labor involved will be voluntary and volunteers welcomed.

The goal of this project is to provide a well-cared-for healthy environment in which people can drop off and or adopt dogs. There will be a nominal fee charged for each drop-off to help defray the food costs. Spayings, neuters, worming and preventative shots will be offered at no cost. Feeding and care will be carried out by volunteers.

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Cat food added to selection offered by CIHS

We are happy to announce that we have added Purina Deli-Cat food for our feline friends. A 14 lb. container is for sale for $30.00 member’s price and $35.00 to non-members. This helps to round out our inventory supplying food for dogs, cats, chickens and goats. Food is available at Danson King’s home in New Bight and at Boggy Pond in Arthur’s Town.


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Dog House Project 2015

We are off to a great start this school year with our Dog House project.  All the materials have been ordered and will be shipped next week, Thudoghouse-logorsday, August 27th.  We plan to have them delivered to each school the same day in an effort to enable the students to begin when school opens.

We have included paint in the materials provided, so everyone is excited to see what the students produce this year.  The contest will end on Friday, November 27th with judging to be held on Monday, November 30th.


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Message from the President

       We held our Annual General Meeting and Election in March, 2014; and with our new Executive Board, experienced our most successful year to date.  We are hoping to be even busier in 2015.
       Our 1st Annual Fun Day was a financial success, as well as being a great deal of fun with people enjoying pool, dominoes, whist and hoop-la.  It was a busy day filled with music, food crafts, plants and a live auction.  The raffle drawing certainly excited the winners of over 30 prizes donated by local businesses and friends of CIHS.
       Since then, we have been working towards making the 2nd Annual "Fun Day" in February even more successful.  All monies earned are spent on projects we support during the year.
       For the first time we were able to support four Veterinary  clinics offering free spays, neuters, distemper shots, worming treatments and checkups.  Heartworm testing, medication and flea protection were also available at nominal costs.
       We have invested in educational materials to be presented at all the schools on Cat Island.  The past year has seen a rise in food sales for dogs, goats and chickens, all sold by us at cost.  This has demonstrated an increased awareness of healthy eating habits.
       The "Dog House Contest"  was held in the fall.  We provided all the materials needed for both high schools to build shelters.  Students designed, built and decorated houses which were then, by a drawing, given to members of the community desiring shelters for their dogs.  We hope to continue this project throughout the coming years.
       We have established a financial fund for a permanent Veterinary clinic and will continue working toward this long term goal.  We are in the process of investigating all possibilities of either building or renovating an existing property for this purpose.
       We would also like to create a financial aid fund to assist a Cat Island student wishing to pursue  a career in Veterinary medicine.
       As well as our fundraising events, we depend on membership dues, tee-shirt sales and, not the least, the generosity of donors.  We welcome you to visit us at