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Letter From The CIHS President

As we close out our fiscal year, we look back on three very successful Veterinary Clinics. Many more dogs and cats were spayed than any other year. Dr. Davis was kept busy with a few other surgeries, many worming, distemper and rabies shots being administered. Clients are also becoming more active with general checkups. He also vetted a horse and a very sick goat.

The education we conducted in schools has been helpful in teaching better health and nutrition. We have seen food sales almost triple. We added cat food to the dog, goat and chicken food we offer at cost.

In spite of some rain, our 2nd Annual Fun Day was a huge success in helping us to fund our projects. Gabi and Jan work diligently throughout the year in the preparation stages and we are looking forward to the next Fun Day being a great one for all again.

Once again, we have provided the materials and paint to the schools to build houses. Despite some bumps in the Dog House project, we are anticipating exciting results. A drawing will be held on Feb. 27th to determine the winners of these wonderful shelters that the students have constructed.

Discussion and planning for a shelter and adoption site is ongoing. We were able to place a few dogs in good homes and offer recovery for one abused dog.

As well as our fundraising event, we depend on membership dues, tee-shirt sales and, not the least, the generosity of our donors. We invite you to visit our website at

As our term comes to an end, I would like to say thank you to my Executive team for a wonderful year. As we say goodbye to some and welcome to others, I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to Gabi for her support in the past and future to this organization and to Jan and Andrew for their unselfish attitude and love for the operation of this organization. And to each and everyone who had a hand in making this a stable organization here in Cat Island and abroad. Once again, I say thank you and we are looking forward to wonderful years ahead for CIHS.

Danson King, President
January 31, 2016