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Report on June 2016 Vet Visit

This past weekend we held our most successful veterinary clinics to date. It was exciting to see our efforts rewarded with these results. Dr. Davis performed eighteen (18) surgeries, many, many exams administering booster shots along with wormings. In total we saw 41 patients!

More people are purchasing Heartgard and Frontline. Dr. Davis introduced a new chewable flea product called NexGard, which we will now keep in stock. It offers protection for 4 – 10 pound dogs as well as the 3 regular sizes. One client reported when she tried it on her 7 week old puppy “The fleas were completely gone in 24 hours.”

It has been very encouraging to not only see the wild dog population reduced significantly, but to know that with education and the free services we offer people are caring more and treating their animals like pets.

We sincerely thank Dr. Davis and Andrew for two days of standing with no breaks.

Dr. Davis will be back in October and we hope to continue growing the clinic visits.