Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The Cat Island Humane Society is a non-profit organization, comprised of a compassionate caring team, dedicated to assist, protect, and defend domestic, feral and wild animals on Cat Island.
We exist to promote the humane treatment of animals and prevent cruelty to animals through continuous education, to end pet overpopulation by a free or at cost spay/neuter program and to provide animal food and shelter free or at cost.

Mission Statement
The Cat Island Humane Society will provide visiting veterinarian services four times a year, services will include free spaying and neutering, preventative care visits, vaccinations and ill animal consultations at cost.

Our Community Outreach Program is designed to educate the public regarding the basic needs of animals for food, water, shade, shelter and exercise. This program also provides access to low cost shelter and food for animals on Cat Island.

Our School Outreach Program is designed to educate school children on responsible pet ownership, careers in animal care and veterinary science.

The Cat Island Humane Society will foster a good working relationship with law enforcement to assure compliance with provisions of The Animal Protection and Control Act.
We will work tirelessly to solicit funding to enable fulfillment and sustainability of the above programs. Fundraising will include but not be limited to; membership dues, donations, corporate sponsorships, T-Shirt sales and special fundraising events.