About Us

Cat Island Humane Society (CIHS) offers subsidized spay/neuter programs, veterinary assistance, low-cost preventative medications and supplies, and low-cost animal food. CIHS operates under the guidance of a Board of Directors. Its finances are transparent and records may be viewed by donors and members. CIHS networks with other animal welfare organizations in the Bahamas, Caribbean and internationally.

Executive Members as of March 2019

President: Danson King

Vice President: Andrew Seymour – Animal husbandry

Treasurer: Miriam Donaldson

Secretary: Donna Keasler

Exec. Member: Leslie Kennedy – Membership and T-shirts

Exec. Member: Gabi Zimmermann – Fun Day

Exec. Member: Odette Rolle – P.R., educational outreach

Advisory Board member: Dr. Davis

Formed in 2010, we are an officially registered non-profit in The Bahamas.