Our History

The Cat Island Humane Society (CIHS) is a nonprofit organization that was formed in May 2010 by a group of concerned individuals on Cat Island. Their main concern was to improve the quality of life, help to control the animal population, keep pets healthy and prevent cruelty to all animals on the island by intervention, education and veterinary services. Prior to forming of CIHS generous donors would sponsor periodic veterinary services to the island.

Numerous animal rescues, post-hurricane relief and adoptions have been facilitated on Cat Island due to the help of the many people in the Cat Island Humane Society family – locally and internationally –that to name a few would be impossible, therefore we are acknowledging founding members and are ever thankful to those who continue to support us.

Founding Members of CIHS include: First President – Sylvia Baker, Samuel “Sammy T” Thurston (deceased), Zandra Thompson, Elza Behrens, Caroline Chriswell, Danson King, Andrew Seymour, Kirk Barrow and Olive Burrows. The articles of Incorporation were drawn up and signed May 27th 2010 by Attorney – Andrew Forbes and staff of Cambridge Law Chambers, Freeport, Grand Bahamas who kindly donated their time and resources gratis.