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How to help after Hurricane Dorian

How to Assist Animals in the Aftermath of Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Abaco and Grand Bahama between August 30th and 31st, and September 1st, 2019, respectively.
Needless to say, the devastation left thousands of people homeless, including their animals, with catastrophic damage on both islands.

The Cat Island Humane Society has been contacted to offer assistance in feeding and caring for the animals that are in need of food and shelter.
We are a registered non-profit and as a means of general help, we are seeking support from members and friends of Cat Island Humane Society to assist these animals.

Assistance can be made to BANK OF THE BAHAMAS using the following instructions:



We appreciate your kind support in realizing our goal to help and protect the animals on Abaco and Grand Bahama Island.

Warm regards,

Danson King
CIHS President

Events News Vet visits

Vet Visit: Fri., Aug. 9 and Sat., Aug. 10, 2019

Hi All,
Vet visit will be Friday, August 9 starting around 11am (until we finish) in the south — at Old Bight Primary. Saturday the 10th from 8:30am-2pm in the north at Boggy Pond.

As always, FREE spays and neutering, distemper shots, worming and check ups.

At an additional cost: Medications and Heartworm testing, Flea and Tick protection. Traveling Papers also available at a minimal cost.

Events News Vet visits

Vet Visit: April 6-7, 2019

Saturday, April 6, 2019 at the Rake ‘n’ Scrape site, Arthur’s Town
Sunday, April 7, 2019 at the Regatta site, New Bight

FREE spays and neutering, distemper shots, worming and check ups, nail clipping.

At an additional cost: Medications and Heartworm testing, Flea and Tick protection. Traveling Papers also available at a minimal cost.

Events News Vet visits

Vet Visit: Aug. 17-18, 2018

Vet visit once again:Friday August 17th to Rake n’ Scrape Site in Arthurs Town starting around 11 and going all afternoon. Then, on Saturday the 18th at Old Bight Primary starting early about 8am-2pm.  Call Andrew Seymour: 342-6007 for additional info.

Free Spay and Neutering.


Business Events News

Annual General Meeting, Saturday, March 17

Our Annual General Meeting will be held at the Media Center at 12 noon on Saturday, March 17, 2018.

All humane society members are invited to attend.

Diamond waiting for her surgery
Diamond waiting for her surgery
Events News Projects

2018 Dog House Project

Open to all individuals and groups. If you can, we ask you to mentor a student.
Provide your own materials – recycled beach finds, scrap wood, new wood, pallets – you choose.

Cat Island Humane Society (CIHS) will pay $200.00 each for the first 10 Dog Houses
To register, contact Danson King at 474-8462.

Criteria for Dog Houses
Cat Island Humane Society (CIHS) Name or Logo should be placed on the side.
Size: 3 feet by 4 feet. And 3 feet high.
Have good ventilation — weather proof – lead-free paint.
Deliver your Dog House to Rake n Scrape site by 1pm on Fun Day, March 31, 2018.

Dog Houses will be raffled-off on-off on Fun Day.

Register with Danson King (474-8462), and the first 10 houses that meet the criteria above will be paid $200.00 for each.

Every Animal Deserves A Dry Home

Events Fundraising News

Annual Fun Day 2018: March 31

Please join us in our annual fundraiser!

Fun Day, Saturday, March 31, 2018
Rake ‘n’ Scrape site
Arthurs Town
2pm until

Raffle Drawing at 8pm

All day food, DJ music, hoopla, crafts, games and bar.

Sheep on the wall


Vet Visit: Sept. 29-30, 2017

Great news!
Dr. Davis will be on island once again to care for our pets. It would help if you call ahead of time for an appointment so we can keep waiting lines to a minimum.
Call Andrew Seymour: 342-6007 or 464-6509.

Friday Sept. 29, 2017
Rake-n-Scrape Site, Arthurs Town

Saturday Sept. 30, 2017
Old Bight Primary School

*Please note, ending early afternoon

Spay, Neutering, Deworming and Distemper treatments are FREE.

Travel Documents, Heart Worm, Flea and Tick Medicines for a nominal fee.

Business News

Letter From The President, 2017

Letter From The President, 2017

We held our Annual General Meeting in March, 2017; and with our new Executive Board,
experienced a wonderful year. We are hoping to be even busier in 2017/2018.

Our 4th Annual Fun Day was a financial success, thanks to all who supported; making it a great
deal of fun. It was a busy day filled with music, craft and a live auction. The raffle drawing
certainly excited the winners of over 30 prizes donated by local businesses and friends of CIHS.
I would like to say thank you to Frank and Gabi, their staff and the hard workers for a job well

Since then, we have been working towards making the 5th Annual Fun Day even more
successful. All monies earned are spent on projects we support during the year.
We continue to support quarterly veterinary clinics offering free spays, neuters, distemper shots,
worming treatments and checkups. Heartworm testing, medication and flea protection were also
available at nominal costs.

Educating the community and the provision of educational materials is still on going. The past
year has seen a tremendous increase in food sales for dogs, goats and chickens, all sold by us at
cost. This has demonstrated an increase in awareness of healthy eating habits for feeding

The “Dog House Contest” was open to the public. Persons were to provide all materials, design,
build and decorate houses which were then, by a drawing, given to members of the community
desiring shelters for their dogs. We hope to continue this project throughout the coming years.
We have established a financial fund for a permanent veterinary clinic and shelters and will
continue working toward this long term goal. We are investigating all possibilities of either
building or renovating an existing property for this purpose.

We also created a financial aid fund to assist a Cat Island student wishing to pursue a career in
veterinary medicine.

As well as our fundraising events, we depend on membership dues, tee-shirt sales and the
generosity of donors and corporate sponsors. We welcome you to visit us at

I would like to thank those who offered themselves in the past and in the future to this wonderful
organization. Also, thank you to those for their unselfish attitude and love for this organization
here in Cat Island and abroad. Once again, I say thank you and we are looking forward to the
wonderful years ahead for CIHS.

Danson King

Business News

Board Meeting Minutes of March 25, 2017

Cat Island Humane Society Executive Board Meeting

March 25th 2017 11am Regatta Site
Donna Keasler – Vice President – Animal Husbandry
Gabi Zimmerman – Vice President -Fund Raising
Kay Chriswell- Secretary
Leslie Mulford – Tee-shirts and membership
Andrew Seymour – Animal Husbandry
Miriam Donaldson – Treasurer
Apologies – Danny King – President

Meeting was called to order by Donna at 11.20am
Matters arising from previous minutes March 5th 2017
No matters arising, minutes approved, posting minutes on web site was also approved.

Document transfer to new board members
Black Book to Secretary, financial records, cheque book etc to Treasurer. Articles, AGM Procedure and Bylaws were distributed to all Executive Members for reference
Financial Report
Sent from previous Treasurer, as current Treasurer only in possession of documents as of today, approved by all present. 2017 inventory of Animal feed and Tee-shirts to be presented next meeting. Leslie to source and cost receipt books, printer ink and paper for printing etc. for CIHS use in USA and locally. Petty cash was approved for Andrew for all his travels related to animal care, vet visits etc.
Dog House Challenge 2017/2018
Draft poster and application form submitted for approval. We will approve and seek 10 Dog Houses and pay $200.00 to each one that meets the guidelines set out in application form. Posters etc to be sent out First week in September, to ensure schools have an opportunity to participate should they so desire.
Passwords for Electronic Media: Sent to Secretary by Amelia
Vet Visit
Next visit is scheduled for Saturday April 1st 4pm until sunset at Rake n’ Scrape Park in the north and then Sunday April 2nd 8am -2pm at Old Bight Primary School in the south. Miriam will assist Andrew in the north and Donna will assist Andrew in the south. Posters have been circulated in all areas.
An updated charge list is needed from Dr. Davis as it was noted that the vet charges us $75.00 for spaying a pregnant female not the usual $50.00. Provided for by CIHS at no cost to the public; spaying, neutering, routine vaccinations, worming and distemper at vets discretion (if an outbreak) Provided at a cost as determined by vet; travel letters, ALL medication, flea, tick and heart worm preparations, rabies vaccinations. CIHS will keep a small inventory of flea, tick and heartworm medications on the island for resale.
Four renewals last month still seem to be unable to attract local Cat Islanders to join. It was discussed that there is currently no benefit to joining, it was decided to price food at bare cost or below cost for members and add $5.00 per bag for non members in an attempt to attract members. Miriam will research price, shipping, vat etc and a minimum price for members will be established by next members. Membership drive to include community meetings scheduled tentatively for North May 27th 2017 and South June 24th 2017 along with a yard sale, etc. We have a new corporate sponsor to be added to the web site, information to be forwarded to the Secretary.
Animal Feed
Inventory and price list pending. Boggie Pond no longer wishes to be a depot, need to seek a depot in the north.
T Shirts
Handed over to Leslie, Greenwood needs 40 on consignment, Balance of 80 remain, Leslie will check with vendors re their requirements
Fund Raising
It was discussed and decided to have a yard/patio sale with donated items, plants, books, crafts, household goods, clothes etc in May at the same venue as a community meeting, one will be scheduled for the north? Basketball Court? May 27th 2017 and one for the south? Regatta Site? June 24th to be confirmed. Draft Poster to be created with drop off sites at Pigeon Cay Club, Donna Keasler her home in Fernandez Bay (?) Danny King in New Bight, Kay Chriswell at Orange Creek Clinic.
Advisory Board
It was discussed and decided that we would ask a variety of persons with knowledge, skills and influence to assist on the Advisory Board; a letter will be drafted outlining the purpose of the Advisory Board and inviting them to join. Any other suggestions are welcome.
Lawyer, Accountant, Information Technology, Law Enforcement, Corporate / Commerce, Vets, Education, Health etc.

Meeting adjourned at 12.45pm, Next meeting tentatively for 12 noon April 29th in the north.
Minutes submitted by Kay Chriswell