March 2017 meeting

As of the Annual General Meeting held March 4, 2017 the following people were elected to the Board of Directors.

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Save the Date: Feb. 25, 2017

Cat Island Humane Society
4th Annual Fun and Games Day
Saturday February 25th 2017
Rake n’ Scrape Site

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Open to All: 2016 Dog House Challenge!

Cat Island Humane Society 2016 Dog House Challenge
Open to All: Individuals and Groups
Provide Your Own Materials: Recycle, Pallets, Beach Finds, Dumpster Dive, You Choose
Dog Houses Must meet these requirements:
3-feet by 4-feet and 3-feet-high
Weather Proof
No Lead Paint
Good Ventilation

Deliver yours to Rake n Scrape site

by 1pm on Fun Day February 28th 2017

First 10 Houses that meet the above requirements we will

pay you $200.00 for each one

Dog Houses will be raffled off on Fun Day



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Report on June 2016 Vet Visit

This past weekend we held our most successful veterinary clinics to date. It was exciting to see our efforts rewarded with these results. Dr. Davis performed eighteen (18) surgeries, many, many exams administering booster shots along with wormings. In total we saw 41 patients!

More people are purchasing Heartgard and Frontline. Dr. Davis introduced a new chewable flea product called NexGard, which we will now keep in stock. It offers protection for 4 – 10 pound dogs as well as the 3 regular sizes. One client reported when she tried it on her 7 week old puppy “The fleas were completely gone in 24 hours.”

It has been very encouraging to not only see the wild dog population reduced significantly, but to know that with education and the free services we offer people are caring more and treating their animals like pets.

We sincerely thank Dr. Davis and Andrew for two days of standing with no breaks.

Dr. Davis will be back in October and we hope to continue growing the clinic visits.

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Vet Alert: June 17-18, 2016

Vet Alert: Dr. Davis will be in Arthur’s Town on Friday, June 17th. Old Bight Primary School is the location on Saturday, June 18th. Spaying and neutering procedures are free, sponsored by the Cat Island Humane Society.

In the waiting room

In the waiting room

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Fun and funds at Annual Fun Day 2016

We held our fundraiser on Saturday, February 27th. This is the only event held during the year to aid with the projects we sponsor.

The turnout was good despite the cold weather and, once again, we were financially successful. A good time was had by all attending. Gabi and her crew from Shanna are to be heartily thanked and appreciated for all the work it takes cleaning and setting up the site.

Tara, Anthonese & Carla worked a long day at the Hoopla table which was very popular. Donna ran the dominoes …Stanley the basketball and Dave the pool tournaments. All first place tournament winners went home with flat-screen TVs.

We were able to give away five dog houses with a drawing, allowing more dogs on the island shelter. The school children did a great job building and painting them.

Leslie, Miriam & Toni “womanned” the raffle booth, selling tickets, t-shirts and collecting donations.

Danny emceed and sent 26 prizes home with raffle winners. The live auction raised a nice amount.

Patti, Gabi, Jan & Hannah were kept very busy in the bar and ticket booth. Jan gets a kick out of the children coming with their crumpled dollars for Hoopla.

A highlight of the day was the children’s games with prizes conducted by Kay. No one does it better.

Once again, we heartily thank all the volunteers who gave of their time so generously and without whom this event would not be possible. GREAT JOB GABI!!

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Vet Clinic Report

We held our first clinic of the year (Feb. 12-13, 2016), and with the plane landing a few hours late, we did not have a whole day in the south. Dr. Davis performed a few surgeries and conducted many exams administering booster shots to all. The mail boat arrival in the morning probably affected the number of people who were able to come.

We were busy in the north with more surgeries (sprays, neuters & one mole removal) and exams. Dr. Davis examined the rescue horse in Shanna’s Cove and said he is now in good health. Not bad for 40+ years!

Andrew was prepared to euthanize his 23(!) year-old dog but Dr. Davis said it was not time. Andrew sure must be doing something right!

Lining up for the vet in Port Howe

Lining up for the vet in Port Howe

Ready to get started on clinic day in Port Howe.

Ready to get started on clinic day in Port Howe.

Gigi awaiting for booster shots

Gigi awaiting for booster shots

Lily keeping an eye on the ants

Lily keeping an eye on the ants

Puppy Blue had talked to everyone

Puppy Blue had talked to everyone

In the waiting room

In the waiting room

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Letter From The CIHS President

As we close out our fiscal year, we look back on three very successful Veterinary Clinics. Many more dogs and cats were spayed than any other year. Dr. Davis was kept busy with a few other surgeries, many worming, distemper and rabies shots being administered. Clients are also becoming more active with general checkups. He also vetted a horse and a very sick goat.

The education we conducted in schools has been helpful in teaching better health and nutrition. We have seen food sales almost triple. We added cat food to the dog, goat and chicken food we offer at cost.

In spite of some rain, our 2nd Annual Fun Day was a huge success in helping us to fund our projects. Gabi and Jan work diligently throughout the year in the preparation stages and we are looking forward to the next Fun Day being a great one for all again.

Once again, we have provided the materials and paint to the schools to build houses. Despite some bumps in the Dog House project, we are anticipating exciting results. A drawing will be held on Feb. 27th to determine the winners of these wonderful shelters that the students have constructed.

Discussion and planning for a shelter and adoption site is ongoing. We were able to place a few dogs in good homes and offer recovery for one abused dog.

As well as our fundraising event, we depend on membership dues, tee-shirt sales and, not the least, the generosity of our donors. We invite you to visit our website at

As our term comes to an end, I would like to say thank you to my Executive team for a wonderful year. As we say goodbye to some and welcome to others, I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to Gabi for her support in the past and future to this organization and to Jan and Andrew for their unselfish attitude and love for the operation of this organization. And to each and everyone who had a hand in making this a stable organization here in Cat Island and abroad. Once again, I say thank you and we are looking forward to wonderful years ahead for CIHS.

Danson King, President
January 31, 2016

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Annual Fun Day: Feb. 27, 2016

Almost here: Third Annual Fun & Games Day is Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016 at Arthurs Town (Rake-n-Scrape site). Music by Ancient Man, Mr. Anderson and a DJ. Great prizes for the raffle are lined this year, too. This is a fun day and Cat Island Humane Society’s biggest fundraiser so please come out and show your support! Starts at 1pm, raffle at 8pm.

2016 Fun Day Poster

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Vet Alert: Feb. 12-13, 2016

New date: Dr. Davis will be flying in on the morning flight and will be in Port Howe on Friday Feb. 12 and in Arthurs Town on Saturday Feb. 13. (The doctor had a family emergency and did not come on the January date we had announced earlier.) Spaying and neutering procedures are free, sponsored by the Cat Island Humane Society.

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