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Dog House Contest Report

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Efforts to begin the “Dog House Contest” began with planning in the spring coordinated by Jan, Danny, Leslie and Miriam.  Construction started in October at both high schools.  The Humane Society provided all necessary materials to build houses of the student’s own designs.

Volunteers Jack Donaldson and Ned Mulford are to be thanked for their time and help mentoring the student’s.Houses were completed on Nov. 28th and judging by Danny, Gabi, Jan and member Odette Rolle was held on Dec. 1st.  The first place prize, a $200.00 gift certificate and trophy, was awarded to Old Bight High School.  The second place trophy went to Arthurstown High School.  All participating students received ribbons of achievement.The first place house will be auctioned at Fun Day on Feb. 28th and the second place house will be a raffle prize the same day.

Members of the community wishing to own one of these houses were asked to submit their names for a drawing held on Dec. 13th.  They will be then given away to those winners.

The Board wishes to thank the administrators and students who embraced this project.  They should certainly feel proud of their achievements.  We are very pleased and proud of them.

Submitted by Jan Kessinger