Vet visits

Vet visit brought great turnout

Following a shaky start, we experienced one of our most successful veterinary visits. Friday morning saw the airline sending Dr. Davis’ bags to another island causing us to delay beginning seeing patients until 4:00 p.m. when he saw five dogs and a cat. He and Andrew treated a horse … trimmed hooves, floated teeth and medicated.

Saturday saw the team in Port Howe. After being absent from the Deep South for a few years, we had a tremendous turnout. Eleven surgeries, exams and various treatments were performed. We offered free deworming this time bringing in 18 very young and adorable puppies.

A rescued dog was brought in that had been abandoned, starving with a bad wound around her neck from the rope that had been used to tie her. She was treated and Andrew is caring for her until a permanent home can be found. She is very quiet and gentle … nice pet for someone.

In all, we had 59 animals seen by Dr. Davis and Andrew in two days. We hope to see more when we are back in the summer.