Vet visits

Vet visit brought great turnout

Following a shaky start, we experienced one of our most successful veterinary visits. Friday morning saw the airline sending Dr. Davis’ bags to another island causing us to delay beginning seeing patients until 4:00 p.m. when he saw five dogs and a cat. He and Andrew treated a horse … trimmed hooves, floated teeth and medicated.

Saturday saw the team in Port Howe. After being absent from the Deep South for a few years, we had a tremendous turnout. Eleven surgeries, exams and various treatments were performed. We offered free deworming this time bringing in 18 very young and adorable puppies.

A rescued dog was brought in that had been abandoned, starving with a bad wound around her neck from the rope that had been used to tie her. She was treated and Andrew is caring for her until a permanent home can be found. She is very quiet and gentle … nice pet for someone.

In all, we had 59 animals seen by Dr. Davis and Andrew in two days. We hope to see more when we are back in the summer.

Vet visits

Vet Visit in May 2015

We have scheduled a visit from Dr. Davis on Friday, May 1st at the Rake & Scrape site and Saturday, May 2nd at the Port Howe Primary School

All spays, neuters and  worming treatments are free.  Checkups, distemper shots, heartworm tests & medications offered at a nominal fee.

Call Andrew at 342-6007 or 464-6509.
Or Jan at 354-1112

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Second Annual Fun Day Report

On February 28, 2015 we held our Second Annual Fun Day.  The group effort led by Gabi was a tremendous success.  Leslie, Miriam and Toni were selling raffle tickets and tee-shirts while Jan was in the ticket booth and Gabi and Patti handled the bar.

The games .. dominoes with Donna.. pool with Dave .. basketball with Stanley .. were very successful and fun for all.  Great prizes such as TVs,  cameras and tablets seem to be a strong incentive to win !!

Kay was, as usual, wonderful leading the children in having a great deal of fun.  There were prizes for them as well.

Thank you goes to the Shannas Cove ladies for manning the hoop-la tables which everyone enjoys so much.  Jan especially loved all the little ones who could barely see over the counter coming back time and again for more tickets.  Thanks also go to Rod and gang for all the help in setting up.

Our President, Danny King, was a fine MC announcing the raffle drawing and entertainment.

This year we want to express our appreciation to Andrew Jones, Ancient Man and Anderson for very generously donating their time for our live entertainment enjoyment.  Thanks also to Jurique Russell for being DJ for the event.

To all our friends who, once again, donated all the raffle prizes and hoop-la items:  we cannot begin to express our appreciation.  For without your generosity, none of this would have been possible.  It was a FUN day as well as financially successful allowing us to continue with our community projects in the coming year.
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Vet visits

Vet Visit Feb. 2015

Dr. Davis arrived on Friday, Feb. 20th and, with Andrew, conducted our first veterinary clinic for the year.  They were busy in both the north and south performing spays and neuters on five dogs and four cats.  It was encouraging to see so many young puppies brought to us for exams.  Heartworm tests were conducted, distemper and rabies shots given, as well as worming medicines administered.  We had one goat patient.  Overall, it was a successful two days.  Thank you again to Dr. Davis and Andrew for giving of your time !

Business Events News Projects

Message from the President

       We held our Annual General Meeting and Election in March, 2014; and with our new Executive Board, experienced our most successful year to date.  We are hoping to be even busier in 2015.
       Our 1st Annual Fun Day was a financial success, as well as being a great deal of fun with people enjoying pool, dominoes, whist and hoop-la.  It was a busy day filled with music, food crafts, plants and a live auction.  The raffle drawing certainly excited the winners of over 30 prizes donated by local businesses and friends of CIHS.
       Since then, we have been working towards making the 2nd Annual "Fun Day" in February even more successful.  All monies earned are spent on projects we support during the year.
       For the first time we were able to support four Veterinary  clinics offering free spays, neuters, distemper shots, worming treatments and checkups.  Heartworm testing, medication and flea protection were also available at nominal costs.
       We have invested in educational materials to be presented at all the schools on Cat Island.  The past year has seen a rise in food sales for dogs, goats and chickens, all sold by us at cost.  This has demonstrated an increased awareness of healthy eating habits.
       The "Dog House Contest"  was held in the fall.  We provided all the materials needed for both high schools to build shelters.  Students designed, built and decorated houses which were then, by a drawing, given to members of the community desiring shelters for their dogs.  We hope to continue this project throughout the coming years.
       We have established a financial fund for a permanent Veterinary clinic and will continue working toward this long term goal.  We are in the process of investigating all possibilities of either building or renovating an existing property for this purpose.
       We would also like to create a financial aid fund to assist a Cat Island student wishing to pursue  a career in Veterinary medicine.
       As well as our fundraising events, we depend on membership dues, tee-shirt sales and, not the least, the generosity of donors.  We welcome you to visit us at
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Dog House Contest Report

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Efforts to begin the “Dog House Contest” began with planning in the spring coordinated by Jan, Danny, Leslie and Miriam.  Construction started in October at both high schools.  The Humane Society provided all necessary materials to build houses of the student’s own designs.

Volunteers Jack Donaldson and Ned Mulford are to be thanked for their time and help mentoring the student’s.Houses were completed on Nov. 28th and judging by Danny, Gabi, Jan and member Odette Rolle was held on Dec. 1st.  The first place prize, a $200.00 gift certificate and trophy, was awarded to Old Bight High School.  The second place trophy went to Arthurstown High School.  All participating students received ribbons of achievement.The first place house will be auctioned at Fun Day on Feb. 28th and the second place house will be a raffle prize the same day.

Members of the community wishing to own one of these houses were asked to submit their names for a drawing held on Dec. 13th.  They will be then given away to those winners.

The Board wishes to thank the administrators and students who embraced this project.  They should certainly feel proud of their achievements.  We are very pleased and proud of them.

Submitted by Jan Kessinger